Garden pizza oven wood fire

Authentic Italian pizza ovens
Autentici forni a legna



Images, small pizza oven for garden

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www. pizza oven Thailand .com NEW: small pizza ovens. Garden pizza ovens. Real wood burning pizza oven for your garden, home, house or villa. Pizza oven designed for your garden in bricks and or prefabricated  with refractory materials under any kind of special requirement. From mosaic pizza oven till pure stainless steel. You can see some example of pizza oven and you can also consulting with us for more model or personalized creation. Please just give us a call: 0813674994 (+6676284450); you can also email to:

Enjoy your surfing: classic, modern and premium sections, moreover pizzeria, restaurants, exotic solutions, pizza house and garden pizza ovens.


Garden pizza ovens


Pizza oven for garden

Garden area for pizza oven

New smaller pizza oven with the total quality of pizza oven Thailand for your house, your garden your home. You can have your pizza oven in your garden for pizza parties with your guest or only for your nice private dinner. We have many kind. Do you have an idea about a pizza oven but you cannot find what your are looking for in the market? Consult with us about your pizza oven idea, we can sketch it for you and quote your own project.
Below here some models including the oven to cook a delicious porchetta, a pizza oven that is also a porchetta oven. The porchetta is Italian spit-roasted pork or pork rost. The pizza oven that are not build on the spot are imported from Italy from Clementi Company as well as the barbeque BBQ.

Oven for porchetta Italian porchetta Classic red bricks pizza oven Garden pizza oven House pizza oven Home pizza oven Complete set to cook pizza Wood fire for pizza Barbeque BBQ

Details garden and house pizza ovens:

Counter pizza oven Thermometer for pizza oven Wood for pizza oven Stone pizza oven floor Garden pizza oven for 4 pizza Italian pizza oven brand


Standard equipment pizza oven (not apply to bricks ovens):

  1. Trolley with wheels
  2. Stainless steel door
  3. Side shelf
  4. Brazier firewood holder
  5. Thermometer
  6. Stainless steel frame
  7. Stainless steel chimney
  8. Customizable colors

Optional equipment:

  1. Pizza shovel
  2. Ashes rake
  3. Oven brush
  4. Glass oven door







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