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66/44 Soi Taied
T. Chalong A. Muang
83000 Phuket Thailand

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►For immediate contact call 0813674994 (+6676284450)
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How to buy "pizza oven"


Pizza oven, gas system:
When you choose the type of oven you like to buy and contact us (email or telephone) to get a personalized quotation or for a free consult on the more appropriate oven for sale for your restaurant
if the first time call and inquire for the market price of the moment; if you are already a customer call your order at  0813674994 or call 0813674994




We do check and technically assist most of the pizza oven that use wood or gas as well. Just write an email describing the problem or requesting standard maintenance.

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Object of this site: "pizza oven": building and sale, accessories for pizza oven sale and supplies for pizza import and sale. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information regarding the wood burning pizza oven, the pizza oven gas system, the supplies for your pizza and restaurants and about our company as well. We will be happy also to consult with you to find the right oven or gas system or supplies that fit your needs. Just send an email to info@pizzaoventhailand.com



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Email: info@pizzaoventhailand.com

To order details please call/call 0813674994. Thank you.










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