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www. pizza oven Thailand .com We build refractory bricks pizza ovens and we can also build an entire pizza compound where you can store food supplies in appropriate refrigerators, mix your pizza and topping with fresh ingredients before bake it in the wood burning pizza oven, everything's in the same place. of course you can also sell it!


Enjoy your surfing: classic, modern and premium sections, moreover pizzeria, restaurants, exotic solutions, and pizza house.



Modern or classic, a pizza corner or a pizza house can increase the selling of your restaurant or you can even open a new place just for pizza! You can see some example of pizza houses and you can also consulting with us for more information. Please just give us a call: 0813674994 (+6676284450); you can also email to: info@pizzaoventhailand.com
If you cannot see the images in the flash player above, here their are:

We can also realize 3D sketches and 3D project of pizza corner or pizza house as stand alone business or part of your restaurant, of course personalized on your request:







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