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Wood burning pizza oven, supplies for making pizza and accessories for pizza ovens

www. pizza oven Thailand .com We build refractory bricks pizza ovens and we assembly prefabricated pizza ovens everywhere in Thailand and around Asia.

Site map and FAQ (scroll down to see all) moreover you can deepen some topics.

If you want to buy some products you have to contact us before, we don't sell online. The email is info@pizzaoventhailand.com , the contact page is here and the telephone is 0813674994 (+6676284450 if you are outside Thailand).




Object of this site: pizza oven building and sale, accessories for pizza oven sale and supplies for pizza import and sale.


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How to buy?
Just contact us (here) and ask a quotation. Maybe we can also make an appointmetn, if possible, to discuss with you about the pizza oven.

I cannot find some price, why?
The prices of the pizza ovens depend on may factors: size, climate: depending on where the oven will be placed we can use different concentration of Alumina in the bricks, location: the distance from our main office, if it is on land or island, logistic: is the place easy to reach with a truck? There is water and electricity to work? Can we build the oven during the day? There are affordable lodgings available in the area? And many more factor. Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation for a wood burning pizza oven or with a gas system: info@pizzaoventhailand.com or email from here

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Deepening topics of pizza ovens

Precautions in use of a wood burning pizza oven
The wood burning pizza oven is a device that contains combustions in a restricted area and allows cooking food at the same time; it is not a heater or an industrial oven.
Because the fire burns oxygen, the pizza oven must be located in a place where the air can freely access; if it is indoor there must be an open window or door.
The oven produces exhaust fumes and MUST be connected to a flue that disperses the fumes in the air, outside if the oven is indoor.
Even if the combustion is restricted inside, this system is not isolated from the external environment that means that some precaution must be taken. Here few important, but not all, safety precautions to follow:
• Never operate this appliance unattended
• Never operate this appliance within 10 ft (3.0 m) of any easily combustible material or gas cylinder
• Never operate this appliance within 25 ft (7.5 m) of any flammable liquid
• Never allow oil or grease to begins smoke, in that case remove it from the oven
• The flue must be checked every 3 month and eventually clean up
• Never install shrinkage in the flue that must have the same diameter all the way till out
• Never install a valve on the flue
• If the flue is connected to a blower the blower must suitable for this kind of oven
• If the blower disperses too much heat from the oven slow down the speed of the oven but NEVER obstruct or reduce the flue diameter
• Never close the oven door when there is flame and not even when there is smoke to avoid accumulation of not yet combust smokes
And if your oven has also a gas system:
• If smell gas close immediately the gas valve and ask for proper assistance
• If the oven does not start don’t force it with artificial fire, check the electric connection and the access of the air to the gas system and check the gas valve
• Keep the area around the gas system free from dust
Please follows the above indications and in case of doubts please contact info@pizzaoventhailand.com
This is not a complete list of precautions; it indicates only the more common mistakes to avoid.

Is it possible to transport or move a pizza oven?
It is possible, but not always. The oven must be build with the intent of eventually transport it. That means a metal reinforced basement where to place the oven. If the basement need a decoration the metal base must be project to hold it as well. Of course it will be necessary the access at the pizza oven with a fork lift.

And what if it is not allowed the use of a fork lift (e.g. the oven is located on a second floor of a building or inside a kitchen of a restaurant)?
In this case the oven, at the time of building, must be  realized with 5 or more prefabricated units. In this way we have a mandatory size corresponding to the standard size of the prefabricated pieces: inside
Ø134cm, outside 180X190cm. The oven will be semi destroyed. The 5 or more prefabricated pieces will be recovered and move to the new location together with the metal base that will be disassembly and reassembly. The floor of the oven, the insulation and the cover will be lost for ever and rebuild new in the new location.

Can a pizza oven been placed on a ship?
Yes, the pizza oven can be build with some arrangement to be place in use on a passenger ship.

Can use gas and wood together?
Yes, first be sure the flue is not connected with others flues of the kitchen but it is dedicated only to the pizza oven, then you can use the gas system and add one or two pieces of wood at time; no need to try to manually ignite the wood, the heat from the gas will slowly put on fire the woods.

Should follow some precaution if use gas and wood?
1) Never let the wood touch the burners
2) Keep the wood are at at least 15cm from the burners
3) Keep the wood are free of dust (clean at the end or before start a service)
4) Do not put too much wood or wood too big; 2 pieces at a time
5) do not throw the wood, place it gentle



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