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This is the pizza oven website. We build refractory bricks wood pizza ovens and we assembly prefabricated pizza ovens everywhere in Thailand
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สวัสดี สวัสดี Object of this site: "pizza oven" building and sale, accessories for pizza oven sale and supplies for pizza import and sale.
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Many years of experience in building wood-burning pizza ovens (outdoor and indoor) all around Thailand and in other Asian countries, made us be able to build high-quality Italian pizza ovens also containing the price. We can consult with you to decide which kind of pizza oven better suits your restaurant to optimize the cost of building the oven. Top-quality experiences with wood-fired bricks ovens from Italy can guarantee the product for as long as five years! We can combine it with an imported gas system to save on your pizza productions costs.
Please check this website and the details of the pizza ovens or just give us a call: 0813674994 (+66813674994); you can also email to:
The team is well skilled and ready to modify the basic drawing to the need of your kitchen. A good quality pizza oven means a tasty pizza, low consumption, and good recognition from your customers: they will come back in your pizzeria, again and again, to see your pizzaiolo bustling around the oven, inserting the pizza right close to the fire, adding wood into the fire like in a small show.
Any restaurant or pizza place with a wood burning pizza oven in Bangkok, in Thailand, or anywhere else are chosen more and more by people for having a nice dinner or even only a quick pizza. If you are afraid of the costs of wood, just use an Italian imported and certificated gas system and add it to your oven. The pizza will be tasty as well, inside the oven people can still take a peek of the fire and you can save money. If you want you can place just a small piece of wood once in a while in the oven for a touch of personalization of your pizza aroma. A real fired wood oven for Italian tasty pizza. If you want you can combine it with gas. It can be combined also in a second time after the purchase. The wood fire oven is not only for pizza; you can cook fish, shrimps, prawns, baked lasagna in coccio, bread, focaccia. You can also roast pigs and many other tasty dishes. If you don't own a restaurant you can now have your small pizza oven for your garden or house: garden pizza ovens.

How to buy:
When you choose the type of oven you like to buy, contact us (email or telephone) to get a personalized quotation or for a free consult on the more appropriate oven for sale for your restaurant.
If it is the first time, call and inquire about the market price of the moment: 0813674994; if you are already a customer call for your order at 0813674994. Thank you.